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Forever Florida wants to partner with the state’s educators and parents to provide future generations of Floridians with the knowledge and understanding required to preserve our state’s fragile ecosystems and natural wildlife.

Together with onsite educators, we have designed teaching aids for the classroom to help introduce students to Florida’s ecosystems. These focus on expressing their fragility, showing how we interact with each ecosystem and explaining how to preserve these special places. Each lesson has been developed to be compatible with Florida’s Science FCAT testing and the Sunshine State Standards.

We can also work directly with educators to develop activities and lessons to meet their specific curriculum needs. Contact the Director of Education at

Live Your Lessons
Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida makes a great classroom. You and your students can experience Florida’s fragile ecosystems in-person at Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida through various field trips including the Safari Coach Classroom, Nature Hikes and other hands-on experiences.

Current Lesson Plans  – click to download any of the lesson plans listed below:

  1. Alligators
  2. Reptiles
  3. Snakes
  4. Animals & Fire
  5. Birds & Mammals
  6. Air Plants
  7. Trees & Shrubs
  8. Thinking Like a Longleaf Pine
  9. Cattle & Horse Heritage I
  10. Cattle & Horse Heritage II
  11. Prairies
  12. Sloughs
  13. Marshes
  14. Cypress Domes
  15. Hammocks
  16. Fire
  17. Weather
  18. Night Sky
  19. Land Scams & Hunters

Teacher In-Service Accrual

Forever Florida can developed programs for teachers searching for non-traditional in-service point accrual. Topics include content on environmental issues, ropes course, history & herds and Santa Cruz horses. Our lessons are specifically designed for Florida classrooms and varying age groups, with unique lesson plan information to help students enjoy learning. The hands-on experiences educate teachers on how to use different concepts in the classroom, and allow them the opportunity to “relive” the educational excitement of learning. Contact the Director of Education to help arrange your unique day .