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ILLAHAW ( Ill-a-ha ): The name comes from the Indian word Yalaha, meaning “orange”!

This name was given to a station on an abandoned branch line of the Florida East Coast Railway in Osceola County. This was selected from the Willson ( 1920: 264) Seminole vocabulary, and means “orange.”

It is also known as ghost town. Illahaw was a small turpentine community with a station along the Florida East Coast Railroad Kissimmee Valley Extension. The name comes from the Indian word Yalaha, meaning “orange”. The Consolidated Land and Naval Stores Company owned and ran a turpentine operation in town. Illahaw’s post office opened in 1923, and in 1932 the town had an arsenic cattle dip vat to help combat the spread of cattle ticks, a major concern in those days. As the trees in the area were cut down the turpentine business wound to a close and the town began to disappear. In 1935 the post office closed, with the nearby community of Nittaw accepting Illahaw’s mail delivery. By the time the railroad service ended in 1947 Illahaw was a ghost