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Forever Florida has a twofold focus on preserving the beauty of Florida’s natural environment and educating guests about the dangers facing Florida’s wildlife and wildernesses.

The Broussard’s have spent nearly $17 million dollars, planted more than 200,000 trees and have given tirelessly of their time and talent to help return some of the preserve back to a natural state.

In addition, they have utilized controlled burning to keep the land sage from uncontrolled fires. Controlled burns also help prevent dramatic ecosystem shifts in the environment, like a prairie ecosystem being overrun with trees and becoming an oak forest, crowding out the prairie wildlife.

Forever Florida is a safe and beautiful habitat full of rare and endangered birds, animals, and plants. The nature preserve and cattle ranch are both educational and entertaining for visitors of all ages.

Preservation through Education

Forever Florida is dedicated to the preservation of wild Florida – Florida in its original state. Our primary goal is to further knowledge of Florida’s history, native plants, animals and fragile ecosystems.