The ABC wants to partner with the state’s educators and parents to provide future generations of Floridians with the knowledge and understanding required to preserve our state’s fragile ecosystems and natural wildlife.

Educational field trips can be arranged.  Our goal is to share this pristine natural area with students and to educate visitors about the importance of protecting and preserving this valuable and unique land.  Programs can be adapted to meet individual curriculum goals.  Outdoor educational events include hiking, birdwatching, and learning about the plants and animals in the varied ecosystems.  A pavilion with picnic tables provides a perfect outside classroom area for lectures, art projects, writing experiences or just a picnic lunch. Come and enjoy the excitement as you observe a busy rookery, follow walkways into a cypress swamp, search for signs of animals and discover fascinating stories about the plants and animals that live here.  It’s an adventure to remember!

For information or to arrange educational field trips, contact Advisor Linda Johnson, 321-984-0296.

“We want there to be a place for natural Florida to exist, to be seen, studied, and learned from.” 

Dr. William Broussard


Florida has a rich history, in both nature and society. The moment the Spanish set foot on the peninsula, Florida would be forever changed.


From the get go, honoring history and providing a glimpse into the heritage of the land we inhabited was important for us.


The day Allen told his father about his concerns at the disappearance of Florida’s natural beauty was one of the last days they would be together.


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